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    Service Commitment


    Elaborate layout and construction of intensive service network, ensure to provide clients with professional services in a timely manner;


    Expert technical team to meet customer quality service demand;

    High quality:

    Company to service etiquette, professional theory and professional skills training, through rigorous examination and selection of appointment.


    Tiancheng building "diamond" level of the entire worry-free service, from pre-sale to after-sales investment planning, from the machine type selection to installation and debugging,

    From the technical personnel training to solve the problem of production process, we will provide professional service for you

    Pre-sale service:

    By providing customers with the budget of the investment, plant planning, and other forms of pre-sale service, make customer plan is reasonable, standard, and can save cost.
    1) the budget of the investment: provide product profitability analysis, selection of injection molding machine and its auxiliary equipment and budget, budget service human resource configuration.
    2) plant planning: provide equipment foundation installation size, put the layout, workshop ventilation, exhaust gas, water, wiring, lifting equipment design services.
    3) provide information of various kinds of plastic auxiliary equipment.

    Sale service:

    Guide customers through injection of water, electricity installation, free adjustment and technical personnel to the customer and operator training, make the machine specification, reasonable.

    And make the relevant personnel to be familiar with the operation of the company machine, understand the machine maintenance, maintenance.
    1) installation and adjustment of injection molding machine service.
    2) injection molding operation of the workers' training.
    3) the relevant technical personnel's training.

    After-sales service:

    To buy tiancheng product users, free training to independent operation, use and maintenance;
    In a timely manner to solve technical problems, our company can help guide on site timely sent to the user,
    , the user needs to build new equipment or expansion (change), provide free technical guidance;
    Company product upgrades, according to the priority for users before upgrading work.