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    Double color double material injection molding machine:

    Clamping force (55 ton to 200 ton) injection weight (75 g - 850 g)

    Function characteristics:

    1. The vertical clamping, vertical injection, refueling, convenient and simple, color change mixing uniformity, heat up quickly. In accordance with the injection weight of the product requirements choose different injection unit combination, so as to achieve the highest production efficiency and low energy loss. Suitable for double color or double with inserts a molding, stand disk design, more stable rotation, precise positioning, take put a safe and convenient.
    2. The template configuration on the two upper die, two lower die configuration on the disk. Positive and negative alternating molding disc do 180 degrees. Can complete the injection molding of two colours or material.
    3. Vertical clamping, plus a disc, and cooperate with the two independent units (independent hydraulic circuit) adopts full computer control, more suitable for the production of general or special double color molding materials (double)
    4. General disc for the station 2, have special requirements, you can choose many stations were more convenient operation, and automatic into the attachment plan, improve efficiency, increase production capacity.
    5. Can be expanded more computer programs and special station type disc (namely the two upper die, all die) and on the other two lower die with the automation of the embedded and remove the device, can achieve automatic operation.

    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.