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    • origin and development of injection molding machine
      origin and development of injection molding machine
      Injection molding machine in China from one of the oldest human manual injection molding machine, the hydraulic manual, semi-automatic, automatic, the oil electricity compound, and then to today's fully electric injection molding machine, has a history of nearly 50 years. Today, ...
    • Macro auto parts industry
      Macro auto parts industry
      Automobile industry is a huge market, China has become the world's third largest auto producer and second largest auto market, the auto parts industry into a period of rapid development. Vertical injection molding machine will play an increasingly important role, and dedicated to...
    • B2B platform using
      B2B platform using
      About all kinds of B2B platform, someone say some said bad, of course, each platform has good and bad, there is the meaning of it. Bad we can't change the platform, is it better to use them to get how many list, depending on your accident.First, the product informationDiligent: p...
    • Injection molding machine giant bring? Let
      Injection molding machine giant bring? Let's pay attention
      In the summer of 1998, for Mr Mo, destined to is a turning point.This year, he put the Hong Kong's largest companies - tiancheng machinery, injection molding to dongguan. This have for decades with injection molding machine in ningbo, then may not realize that his efforts in the ...
    • Advantages of vertical injection molding machine
      Before the injection molding machine on the market can be roughly divided into vertical and horizontal injection molding machines, tiancheng machinery has been committed to the development of vertical injection molding machine, was bornProduction and sales. Now to explain the adv...
    • Air filter is introduced
      Air filter is introduced
      In the 2011 Shanghai auto show, tiancheng machinery main products special injection molding machine for air filter. However, we know exactly how much knowledge about air filter, the pick a text explanation let everybody to read.Air filter, air filter for short, generally can't se...
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