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    Corporate Culture

    The enterprise culture from Tiancheng Machinery:

    Inside the office: Unity, Reality, Research, Development.
    Outside to customer: Honest service, Customer first, to get win win in perfect harmony.

    The enterprise culture from Tiancheng Machinery appears that: people oriented, honest service, make customer satisfied.

    People can only feel the joyance when an enterprise is already strong or a product is developed successfully. It is hardly to understand the difficulties from the very beginning to the end. Everyone knows, if we need to add water to a wooden cask without leveling edge, the volume is not depended on the longest board but the shortest. So, we can only patch the shortest board in advance in order to load more water. The enterprise is just as the same principle as the wooden cask. We should find out the shortest point of us, then solve it, improve it, so that our enterprise can be stronger and stronger. Pressure & opportunity always comes along together. We need to take the responsibility for the company's development. Hero commonly appeared in the hard time. Be a member of Tiancheng Machinery, we need to act it now.

    Staff is not only the person for service offering, but is also the company's asset. Staff is the one who makes the enterprise developing. Any work, any career, if we want to make it growing, get a strong foundation, what we need to do is training talented person. The biggest love to the people is finding out the ability of everyone, offer the necessary opportunities, let them display.

    We sincerely hope all the members from Tiancheng Machinery can achieve his or her value of life.